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Hamirpur district is one of the district of the state of Himachal Pradesh, India. The headquarters of the district is in the Hamirpur town. It is bordered by Kangra to the north, Mandi to the east, Bilaspur to the south and Una to the west. It is covered by lower Himalayas, the elevation varies from the 400 meters to 1,100 meters.

The main hill ranges of the district are known as Jakh Dhar & Sola Singhi Dhar. The Jakh dhar runs in continuation of Kali Dhar range in the Kangra district. The Sola Singhi Dhar is the longest range of the tract and is known under various names such as Chintpurni and Jaswan Dhar in Una and by Sola Singhi in Hamirpur.

The history of Hamirpur is closely associated with the Katoch dynasty which ruled the area between the Ravi and Satluj rivers in the olden days. It is evident from the "Puranas" and Panini's "Ashtadhyai" that during the Mahabharta period, Hamirpur was a part of the old Jallandhar-Trigarta empire. Panini referred to the people of this kingdom as great warriors and fighters.
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