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Sr noNameMeaningGender
1 Yaaseen One of the Prophet Muhammad's names Male
2 Yadav Lord Krishna Male
3 Yadavendra Lord Krishna Male
4 Yadunandan Lord Krishna Male
5 Yadunath Lord Krishna Male
6 Yaduraj Lord Krishna Male
7 Yaduvir Lord Krishna Male
8 Yagna Ceremonial rites to God Male
9 Yahyaa a Prophet's name Male
10 Yaj a sage Male
11 Yajat Lord Shiva Male
12 Yajnadhar Lord Vishnu Male
13 Yajnarup Lord Krishna Male
14 Yajnesh Lord Vishnu Male
15 Yamahil Lord Vishnu Male
16 Yamajit Lord Shiva Male
17 Yaman Lord Yama, god of death, Yamraj Male
18 Yamir Moon Male
19 Yasaar Ease, Wealth Male
20 Yash victory, glory Male
21 Yash victory, glory Male
22 Yashas Fame Male
23 Yashodev Lord of fame Male
24 Yashodhan rich in fame Male
25 Yashodhara one who has achieved fame Male
26 Yashpal protector of fame Male
27 Yashwant one who has achieved glory Male
28 Yasir Wealthy Male
29 Yatin ascetic Male
30 Yatindra Lord Indra Male
31 Yatish Lord of devotees Male
32 Yayin Lord Shiva Male
33 Yazeed To increase, Grow, Enhance Male
34 Yogendra god of Yoga Male
35 Yogesh god of Yoga, Lord Shiva Male
36 Yogi Devotee Male
37 Yoonus a Prophet's name Male
38 Yoosuf a Prophet's name Male
39 Yudhajit victor in war Male
40 Yudhisthir firm in battle Male
41 Yudishtra firm in battle Male
42 Yugandhar celestial god Male
43 Yuvaraj prince, heir apparent Male
44 Yuvraj a prince Male
45 Yuyutsu eager to fight Male