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Sr noNameMeaningGender
1 Chaitanya life, knowledge Male
2 Chakor a bird enamoured of the moon Male
3 Chakrapani Lord Vishnu Male
4 Chakshu eye Male
5 Chaman garden Male
6 Chamanlal garden Male
7 Champak a flower Male
8 Chanchal restless Male
9 Chandak the moon Male
10 Chandan sandalwood Male
11 Chandra the moon Male
12 Chandrachur Lord Shiva Male
13 Chandrahas bow of Shiva Male
14 Chandrak peacock feather Male
15 Chandrakanta the moon Male
16 Chandrakishore the moon Male
17 Chandrakumar the moon Male
18 Chandramohan attractive like the moon Male
19 Chandran the moon Male
20 Chandranath the moon Male
21 Chandraraj moonbeam Male
22 Chandrashekhar one who holds moon in his hair Male
23 Chandrashekhar one who holds moon in his hair, Lord Shiva Male
24 Chandresh lord of the moon Male
25 Chapal quick Male
26 Charan feet Male
27 Charanjit one who has won over the lord Male
28 Charudutta born of beauty Male
29 Chaturbhuj strong, broad shouldered Male
30 Chetan consciousness, life Male
31 Chetana consciousness Male
32 Chhandak the charioteer of Lord Buddha Male
33 Chidambar one whose heart is as vast as the sky Male
34 Chidananda Lord Shiva Male
35 Chinmay full of knowledge Male
36 Chinmayananda blissful Male
37 Chintamani philosopher's stone Male
38 Chirag lamp Male
39 Chiranjeev longlived Male
40 Chirantan immortal Male
41 Chirayu immortal Male
42 Chitrabhanu fire Male
43 Chitraksh beautiful eyed Male
44 Chitral of variegated colour Male
45 Chitrarath the sun Male
46 Chitrasen a king of Gandharvas Male
47 Chitta mind Male
48 Chittaprasad happiness Male
49 Chittaranjan one who pleases the mind Male
50 Chittaswarup the supreme spirit Male
51 Chittesh lord of the soul Male
52 Chudamani jewel adorned by the gods Male