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Sr noNameMeaningGender
1 Cauvery same as Cavery Female
2 Chadna love Female
3 Chaitali born in the month of Chaitra Female
4 Chaitaly name of an ancient city Female
5 Chaitan consciousness Female
6 Chakori a bird enamoured of the moon Female
7 Chakrika Lakshmi Female
8 Chameli a creeper with flowers Female
9 Chameli jasmine Female
10 Champa a flower Female
11 Champabati the capital Female
12 Champakali a bud of champa Female
13 Chanchala restless Female
14 Chandana parrot Female
15 Chandana sandal wood Female
16 Chandani a river Female
17 Chandanika diminutive Female
18 Chandika diminutive of Chandana Female
19 Chandni moonlit Female
20 Chandrabali Krishna, s girl Female
21 Chandrabhaga river Chenab Female
22 Chandrakala moonbeams Female
23 Chandraki peacock Female
24 Chandrakin a peacock Female
25 Chandraleksha a ray of the moon Female
26 Chandrani wife of the moon Female
27 Chandrika moonlight Female
28 Chandrima the moon Female
29 Changuna a good woman Female
30 Chapala restless, lighting Female
31 Charita good Female
32 Charu beautiful, attractive Female
33 Charulata beautiful creeper Female
34 Charulekha beautiful picture Female
35 Charumati beautiful Female
36 Charuprabha beautiful Female
37 Charusheela a jewel Female
38 Charvi a beautiful woman Female
39 Chatura clever Female
40 Chhabi picture Female
41 Chhavvi image, radiance Female
42 Chhaya shadow Female
43 Chimayi blissful Female
44 Chinmayi blissful Female
45 Chintan; Chintana; Chintanika meditation Female
46 Chiti love Female
47 Chitkala knowledge Female
48 Chitra picture, a stat, name of a river Female
49 Chitragandha a fragrant material Female
50 Chitralekha as beautiful as a picture Female
51 Chitrali a row of pictures Female
52 Chitramala series of pictures Female
53 Chitrangada one of Arjuna's wives Female
54 Chitrani river Ganga Female
55 Chitrarekha picture Female
56 Chitrita picturesque Female