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Dispur, the capital city of north-eastern state of Assam is also the main suburb of the city of Guwahati. With the birth of a new separate state of Meghalaya in 1975, the capital had been shifted from Shillong to Dispur. A small city with a population of around two thousand, Dispur is the central point to the state of Assam and has a lot to offer in sightseeing for common tourists and nature enthusiast. Dispur is a well-planned city and bestowed with natural wonders like hills, grassy countryside and pollution free environment that enthrall the tourists a lot. Nature has also blessed the city with bushy forests and the shimmering rivers. Dispur is also a major producer of the tea, some of the famous varieties are CTC or Crush, Curl Tea and Tear tea. Tourists who visit the city always carry along the bag of tea as a souvenior. So, visit this small capital city of Dispur on your next holiday and enjoy a peaceful vacation in the lap of the mother nature.
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