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West Kameng District of Arunachal Pradesh State in the Indian sub-continent is lying approximately between 91 30' to 9240' East longitudes and 26 54' to 28 01' North latitudes. The District is surrounded by Tibet region of China in the North, Bhutan in the West, Tawang District and East Kameng District of Arunachal Pradesh are in the Northwest and East respectively and the Southern boundary adjoins Sonitpur District of Assam. The District has vast tourism potential.

The name of the District is derived from the Kameng river, a tributary of the mighty Brahmaputra, that flows through the District. West Kameng District is a mountainous tract in Arunachal Pradesh which covers an area of approximately 7422 Sq. Km. The altitude of the District varies from 650` to 13714 ft. The HQ of this District is Bomdila. In 1919, this tract was renamed as the Balipara Frontier tract, having its headquarters at Charduar of Assam. In 1946, the District area was carved out of the Balipara, with the name of Sela Sub-Agency and its headquarter continued to be Charduar of Assam. In 1954, Sela Sub-Agency was renamed as the Kameng Frontier Division and its headquarter was later transferred to Bomdila.
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