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Changlang District, showered with Bio-diversity is the eastern most part of India, having international boundary with Myanmar (Burma), where the morning Sun light first touches the Horizon of the eastern Mountain ranges of the district while the rest of the Country still napping in their cozy beds waiting for the emergence of the dawn of the day.During the Burma Campaign of World War II, the Changlang district was where the Ledo Road began, and a neglected World War II war cemetery can still be visited at Jairampur.[3] It is situated nearby Indian Army Camp of Jairampur. Unlike mainland India, Britain never colonized Changlang. Changlanese natives during the silk road era knew about Tea trading and tea traders. A Singpho(they are called Jinpo or jingphaw in Myanmar and China) leader of Changlang district then (now those areas comes under upper assam) is believed to be responsible for disclosing secrets of Tea planting/cultivation/plantation to the British.
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